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人才理念Concept of Talent

人才理念Concept of Talent


·人才观Human Resource Sight
Adhering to the “Respect the value of people, develop people’s potential, sublimate people’s soul”talent work purpose, to build the enterprise into a multi-disciplinary organization, in this organization, ordinary people become good people, good people become extraordinary people, a steady stream of people here to achieve their dreams in life.

It is the continuous pursuit of talents for enterprises to cultivate and bring up a team of talents with market leading, organizational advantage, value orientation, sense of mission and responsibility, and to support the realization of strategic goals.
The enterprise from the life, the emotion, the growth link cares about the staff.
Companies value their inner dreams and pursuits, because they are more dynamic, more creative, more driven to transcend other organizations and individuals, and to achieve self-sublimation.
· 指导思想Guiding Ideology
尊重人的价值 Respect for the value of people
Enterprise advocates that people are talent. As long as we identify with the enterprise concept, as long as we have the professional spirit and quality, as long as we can create achievements, we can become the talent of Rongsheng.
With the development of the enterprise, the employee also gets the corresponding reward and position to realize the recognition of value.
To let employees due to Rongsheng work experience and produce enterprise brand effect, has a higher market value.

开发人的潜能Develop people's potential
The enterprise puts the talent development in the strategic height, provides the staff to study the opportunity unceasingly, the work opportunity, the challenge self opportunity, this is the respect  persons and the kindness to staffs.
Enterprises strive to optimize talent selection, training, use, retention mechanism, emphasizing performance-oriented users, scientific evaluation and selection, all-round multi-level training, fully tap the potential of people, to do their best. Sublimation of the soul, follow “All people-oriented, population-driven growth, respect the spirit of humanity.
· 人才管理Talent management
Talent management from the strategic and organizational development needs, around the building of enterprise talent team, aiming at different talent groups to form a differentiated management system, constitute a talent standards, planning, selection, training, use and retention of management closed-loop. 企业推动关键岗位员工进行多岗位、跨职能、跨行业历练,不断优化人与岗位、人与团队、人与组织的匹配度,完善人才队伍的结构和水平,保持组织的激情与活力。
The enterprise promotes the key post staff to carry on the multi-post, the cross-function, the cross-profession experience, unceasingly optimizes the person and the post, the person and the team, the person and the organization’s matching degree, consummates the talented person troop’s structure and the level, keep the passion and vitality of the organization.
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Factory Address: Room 905, Building 1, No. 19, Guanglong Road, Huangjiang Town, Dongguan, Guangdong province, China Post  code:523516